Wraparound Safety Glasses with Flexible Rubber Temple Tips

$4.99 USD

These wraparound safety glasses shield your eyes from commonly encountered eye hazards like dust, flying debris, and splashes. Their sleek and sporty design makes these glasses highly popular among workers, who love their comfort and lightweight frames. These protective glasses have high visual acuity lenses that offer superior optical clarity and UV protection. They feature a scratch-resistant coating that prolongs use, and a compliant design that meets rigorous z87 industry standards. They're also impact resistant, shatterproof, and durable. With a wide field of vision and comfortable fit, they offer superior protection against eye injuries in most work environments.


  • FLEXIBLE TEMPLE TIPS: Low-pressure design that provides hours of comfort while you work.
  • z87 COMPLIANT: Meets strict ANSI work safety requirements for eye protection.
  • THE IDEAL PROTECTIVE SPORTS GLASSES: Edgy design and sturdy construction. Stays in place even while you move.
  • ANTI SCRATCH LENSES: Lenses with a high scratch resistance and long-lasting clarity
  • UV PROTECTION: Keeps your eyes safe from UV rays from the sun, sparks, dental equipment, and more.
  • ULTRA-CLEAR POLYCARBONATE: High-transparency lenses with enhanced optical clarity.
  • MULTICOLOR OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Choose the color that fits you most and accentuate your unique style.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Ideal for all-day wear, they won't weight you down while you work.
  • MULTI-USE: Indoor and outdoor performance, great for the dentist office, warehouse, workshop, and more.