Ventilated Work at Height Hard Hat with Mounted Earmuffs

$84.99 USD
SKU: S-HHAT-05-OR-504-LM

With this helmet combo, you can get reliable and versatile hearing and head protection. In addition to a climbing hard hat with the latest ventilation technology, it comes with universal helmet earmuffs that are compatible with most slotted helmets. Highly customizable, this hard hat is capable of meeting the comfort and performance needs of just about anyone, making it an extremely useful and versatile tool. Put your hard hat on alone, or pair it with your new accessories for a whole new and enhanced experience!


  • 2-IN-1 PROTECTION: Includes a ventilated mountaineering helmet, as well as compatible mountable earmuffs.
  • APPROVED BY ANSI: This hardhat meets the standards of ANSI Z89.1-14 and Type I Class C for dependable strength and protection.
  • COOLING EFFECT: With anti-intrusion grilles designed to prevent small objects from entering or puncturing your helmet, this hard hat uses the latest ventilation technology for breathable protection.
  • VERSATILITY OF USE: Use your helmet on its own, or in combination with your earmuffs for added hearing protection.
  • COMPLEMENTAL NOISE PROTECTION: These noise suppressors comply with ANSI S 3.19 - 1974 and CE EN 352-3-2002. Most slotted hard hats are compatible with their mounting system.
  • TUCK-AWAY & PIVOTING EARMUFFS: Earmuffs feature pivoting anchors for comfort and adjustability. When not in use, they can be popped up and lifted away from the ears, or rotated and tucked over your hard hat.