Ventilated Rescue Hard Hat with Adjustable 6 Point Suspension

$23.00 USD

This ventilated work-at-height helmet delivers breathable protection to the top of your head. Built for comfort, it is equipped with an array of customizable features so that you can adjust your hard hat's fit and positioning according to your preferences. This highly versatile hard hat has integrated ventilation slots with sliding shutters that can be opened or closed as needed. A series of universal mounting slots on its shell also allow you to attach compatible accessories like earmuffs, visors, headlamps, face shields, and more.


  • CERTIFIED FOR COMPLIANCE: Rated ANSI Z89.1-14 and Type I Class C
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: For service and maintenance, brow pad, headband, and suspension may easily be detached.
  • ADAPTABLE: Hard hat's vertical height, positioning, and size can be easily modified to better suit your sizing and comfort needs.
  • CONVENIENT ADJUSTMENTS: Ratchet-style suspension facilitates quick and easy size modifications with the simple turning of a wheel.
  • ACCESSORY-COMPATIBLE: Slotted shell with universal mounts that enable you to attach lighting, as well as other compatible forms of eye and hearing protection.
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: For a more appealing, modern, and attractive look.
  • WASHABLE BROW PAD: This comfortable liner is made from quick-drying moisture-wicking fabric, conveniently preventing sweat from falling into your eyes.
  • HEADLAMP MOUNT: Securely add a headlamp to your helmet by attaching its head strap onto the four mounting clips.
  • OPTIONAL VENTILATION: Ventilation holes open or close with adjustable sliding shutters for increased air circulation when needed.
  • COMFORTABLE CHIN STRAP: Designed to reduce the risk of losing your helmet during a fall.