Ultra-Bright Weatherproof Flashlight

$8.00 USD

With a solid build and blinding brightness, this flashlight is big on power, yet compact enough to fit in small spaces. It features a protective anti-slip rubber casing that increases durability and delivers a secure and comfortable grip, and an ultra-bright 120 Lumen LED bulb for powerful illumination. With a water-resistant rating of IP68, it can withstand impact, drops, and extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and dust. With this flashlight, you are ready for adventure, work, emergencies, natural disasters, mountaineering, and much more.


  • LED BULBS: Delivers 120 lumens of brightness for superior illumination.
  • WEATHERPROOFED: Superior construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • WATER-RESISTANT: Rated IP68 for water, snow, dust & rainproof performance.
  • ANTI-SLIP GRIP: Textured rubber grip provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Prevents slippage for superior performance in wet conditions.
  • IMPACT & SHOCK RESISTANT: Protected by a shock-resistant rubber over-mold for increased durability. Able to withstand bumps and scrapes from drops, as well as other physically demanding activities.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 3.4oz, this flashlight is ideal for carrying in backpacks and emergency kits for hiking, camping, and much more.