Two-Sided Folding Floor Safety Multi-lingual Sign - Kids at Play

$4.50 USD

This sign warns oncoming drivers and workers when your children are out at play. It uses bright and contrasting colors that make these important visual tools noticeable, with an easy-to-use design that can be propped up in seconds and folded for compact storage. With this sign, you can keep your kids safe at schools, playgrounds, parks, driveways, or wherever adventure takes them!


  • STORAGE: Lightweight, foldable, flat, and easy to store.
  • QUICK & CONVENIENT HANDLING: Features a built-in handle for ease of transportation, with a convenient design that can be quickly positioned.
  • HIGH CONTRAST AND VISIBILITY: Bright yellow color paired with black letters for a bold and eye-catching design. Message can be viewed from a variety of angles with its two-sided display.
  • MULTILINGUAL: Universal "Children at Play" illustration with writing in English, Spanish and French to make communication more efficient.
  • INCREASES CHILDREN'S SAFETY: Helps prevent accidents and build awareness by alerting others when children are playing.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Weather-resistant polyethylene ensures long-term durability.