Thin Safety Work Gloves with Polyurethane Dipped Palms – Pack of 12

$7.50 USD
SKU: S-GD-06-M

At Technopack Corporation, we take great care to ensure that our safety gloves are not only durable and protective, but also comfortable to use. Our Thin Safety Work Gloves with Polyurethane Dipped Palms are ergonomically designed to improve comfort, tactile sensitivity, control, and breathability. These gloves are carefully crafted to fit the natural shape of your hand, allowing for maximum movement and flexibility. They are made with a thin fiber for maximum dexterity, and their polyurethane coating is used to enhance the grip of your hands. These protective gloves are perfect for tasks that require a high degree of dexterity and precision, as well as for wet or oily applications.


  • AN ERGONOMIC FIT: Long-term comfort and breathability thanks to their ergonomic design.
  • UNPARALLELLED PRECISION: Made with an ultra-thin fiber to enhance tactile sensitivity, precision, and mobility.
  • FORM-FITTED WRISTS: Offers a snug and dependable fit that prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove.
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Handling oil and water is made easier with these gloves' polyurethane-coated palms.
  • WEIGHTLESS DESIGN: These safety gloves are virtually unnoticeable when worn due to their thin and comfortable design.
  • NO-SLIP MONKEY GRIP: Famously used for control, grip, and safety, the polyurethane-coated palms perform outstandingly when working with oil or water.
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for plumbing, parts assembly, repairs, and other jobs requiring heightened precision or improved water and oil performance.
  • Compliant with EN 388 3121X