Thermal Foil Weatherproof Emergency Blanket - Pack of 5

$2.50 USD
SKU: S-EB-5484

Prepare for the unexpected by carrying this emergency blanket everywhere you go. In case of emergencies, this reflective product will work as an insulating cover. For extreme hot or cold weather alike, this blanket can keep you cool by reflecting the sun's rays away from you, or it can keep you warm by trapping your body heat within the blanket to prevent hypothermia. It is compact and lightweight, making it a perfect addition to your first-aid kit, hiking bag, camping supplies, car glove compartment, boating emergency supplies, and more. For the cautious, adventurers, and survivors - Grab your reflective blanket and leave your worries behind!


  • 5-PACK: Sold in ultra-compact packs of five.
  • ULTRA COMPACTABLE: If you can fit a pack of cards, you can fit your thermal portable blanket!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Perfect for hiking, canoeing, climbing, kayaking, marathons, and more!
  • PROTECTS FROM THE ELEMENTS: Waterproof and windproof. Reflects sun’s rays for cooling effect and sun protection.
  • HEAT INSULATOR: Effectively traps body heat to keep you warm.
  • EMERGENCY USE: Designed to retain your body heat, completely block rain, snow, moisture, etc.
  • BE SPOTTED FROM A DISTANCE: Reflective material makes an excellent signaling device.
  • VERSATILE: Its use will go as far as your creativity goes. In case of emergencies, this blanket can serve as shelter, used to catch rainwater for drinking, etc.
  • HI-PERFORMANCE: Made from reflective polyethylene terephthalate, the same material used by NASA to protect their satellites from the sun's radiation.