Silicone Tri-Flange Corded Earplugs – 10 Pack

$3.99 USD

Protect your hearing in loud and noisy environments with these sound suppressing earplugs. Connected with a cord for extra convenience, you can rest them around your neck between uses to avoid earplug losses. Their flanged design consists of three tapered fins that flex for a comfortable, yet snug fit in your ear canal. Their smooth, dirt-resistant surface provides better hygiene and allows them to be washed and reused, making them an economically efficient choice. Ideal for construction, gardening, shooting, carpentry, DIY, sports, and much more!


  • 10-PACK: Package includes ten pairs of corded earplugs and two carrying cases for added convenience and cleanliness.
  • FLANGED DESIGN: Ergonomic build with flexible flanges that conform to the shape of the ear canal, forming a powerful and comfortable triple-level seal against noise.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Quick, clean, and uncomplicated insertion for a comfortable and effective sound-blocking fit.
  • CONVENIENT: Banded ear plugs are ideal for intermittent use when switching between noisy and quiet areas.
  • WASHABLE: Reusable earplugs with an easy to clean design.
  • HYGIENIC: Made with non-porous silicone that prevents dirt accumulation.
  • 24dB NRR: Effectively protects your eardrums with a noise cancellation rating of 24dB.
  • SAFETY COMPLIANCE: ANSI S3 19-1974 and CE SNR: 34dB compliant for superior protection and powerful noise suppression.