Safety Knitted Multi-Purpose Gloves with Anti-Slip PVC Dotted Palms – Pack of 12

$3.00 USD

Our Safety Knitted Multi Purpose Gloves with Anti-Slip PVC Dotted Palms are designed to protect your hands while you work. Featuring a lightweight blend of knitted cotton and polyester, these gloves provide maximum flexibility and dexterity. Their anti-slip PVC dotted palms are perfect for tasks that require a secure grip, such as handling tools or boxes. A versatile choice for any project, these gloves come in handy whether you're working in a warehouse, landscaping, or maintaining your home. They are also suitable for light automotive work, and other work environments where low-risk hazards may be present.


  • ANTI-SLIP PALMS: PVC dotting on the palms improves grip and performance.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Soft, form-fitting construction provides increased comfort for long-term use.
  • KNITTED WRISTS: The knitted wrist construction prevents debris from entering the glove and keeps them snugly in place while you work.
  • DURABLE & BREATHABLE: Improved airflow and breathability with a knitted design and a lightweight cotton/polyester blend fabric.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: allows for movement and flexibility, making these gloves ideal for a variety of tasks and work environments.