Safety Goggles for High Impact Protection

$1.99 USD
SKU: S-LS-342-CL

Protect your eyes from airborne particulates, dust, splatter, debris, and more with these high-impact safety goggles. Eyeglass compatible, they can be used while wearing prescription frames. Featuring a wrap-around frame with a soft-edge PVC body, these goggles are able to flex and snugly conform to your face for a more efficient and comfortable seal. Use them for a wide variety of industrial, chemical, and DIY applications, including manufacturing, laboratory, education, sports, construction, arts & crafts, carpentry, etc.


  • ANSI Z87+ COMPLIANT: Reliable protection as recommended by leading national safety experts.
  • VENTILATED FRAME: Small perforations along their soft frame and anti-fog coated lenses for added breathability and reduced fog buildup.
  • ADAPTABLE: Headband can be adjusted according to your fit for a more comfortable experience and improved protection.
  • PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR COMPATIBLE: Ultra-wide frame that can be comfortably worn over most prescription lenses.
  • ERGONOMIC BUILD: Lightweight, with a pliable PVC body and soft-touch nose pad for comfort during extended wear.
  • HIGH IMPACT: Equipped with high-impact, hard-coated anti-scratch lenses for prolonged service life.
  • AESTHETICALLY DESIGNED: Clear frame finish allows for entry of light and shadows, reducing the feeling of confinement.