Safety Glasses for High Impact Protection with Foam Gasket

$3.50 USD
SKU: S-LS-954-CL

These protective glasses safeguard your eyes from a variety of threats, including splashes, dust, flying debris, and more. Their rugged and impact-resistant lenses have a scratch-resistant coating that extends the life of the glasses, made with a high-transparency polycarbonate for exceptional visual acuity. Their integrated foam gasket can be used to provide additional protection, or removed for a more sleek and lightweight application.


  • FORM-FITTING: Ergonomically built with wrap-around lens for excellent coverage & good field of vision.
  • RESISTS SCRATCHES: Strong polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant coating for increased longevity.
  • PROTECTS FROM UV RAYS: Clear UV-shielding technology for added protection.
  • ULTRA-CLEAR: Excellent visual performance with high transparency lenses.
  • REMOVABLE FOAM GASKET: Ultra soft and skin-friendly removable foam gasket for additional protection from dust and other flying debris.
  • TRUSTWORTHY PROTECTION: Complies with the stringent standards set by ANSI Z87+ for safety eyewear.
  • ADAPTABLE: Clear lenses that can be used for both indoor and outdoor eye protection.