Retractable Eye Shield for Hard Hats

$20.00 USD

This retractable eye shield can be mounted on compatible hard hats to extend your helmet's protection, providing additional protection to the eyes. Comfortable and well balanced, its innovative design provides great ventilation and allows enough space for sunglasses or reading glasses to be worn underneath. Convenient and easy to use, this eye shield can be easily installed on your helmet with a few easy steps. Its retractable design provides protection that is there when needed, but slides away discretely onto the body of the helmet when not in use.


  • TOP-RATED SAFETY: Compliant with leading national safety standards for superior protection.
  • RETRACTABLE: Versatile and adaptable shield slides quickly from work position to storage position on top of the helmet.
  • COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Fits perfectly and comfortably over sunglasses and reading glasses.
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: High-grade scratch and fog-resistant PC material for long-lasting protection.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Quick and secure helmet integration for increased face protection.
  • EXCELLENT VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Made with high transparency PC for superior clarity.
  • COMPATIBLE: with 3 and 4 Series JORESTECH hard Hats (HHAT-03 and HHAT-04).
  • WRAP-AROUND DESIGN: Ergonomically sculpted for maximum protection.
  • UV FILTERING TECHNOLOGY: Specifically formulated to protect your eyes against harmful UV light.