Printed Hi-Vis Mesh Safety Vest with 2” Reflective Strips and Pocket - PinkFit Collection

$6.99 USD

This reflective safety vest will help you to be seen in both daylight and in the dark. It is made using fluorescent colors and reflective stripes that offer optimal performance, no matter the time of day! During the daytime, its eye-popping fabrics will catch the eye of anyone passing by, while at night time, its reflective strips will create a glow that is hard to miss! You can now customize the print on your vest, applying a text of your choice, or a company logo, or choose from a template of standard and widely-used texts. Suitable for contractors, surveyors, airport workers, police, etc.


  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR GEAR: Choose from one of our preset options, or create a design of your own!
  • DURABLE: Sturdy construction, built to last.
  • BULKLESS FIT: Lightweight design to keep you safe without adding bulk.
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC: Fabric with an open-mesh vented design that dries quickly.
  • RELIABLE & Efficient: Work with total confidence, knowing that your vest is keeping you safe and visible at all times.
  • NIGHTTIME EFFICIENCY: A 360-degree reflecting design helps to improve visual awareness in low-light situations.
  • EASY TO DRESS: Simple hook-and-loop frontal closure allows you to swiftly and effortlessly don your vest.
  • ACCESSIBLE POCKET: Located on the chest for easy storage and access to personal belongings.
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION: Vest can be compacted and stored in small spaces for light and comfortable carrying.


*For customized printing, please contact us at (305) 594-9000.