Hi-Vis Yellow Rain Set - Pants & Jacket with 2" Reflective Strips

$39.95 USD

This high-visibility rain set shields you from rain and wind while meeting ANSI requirements. Functional and convenient, the raincoat is equipped with multiple easy-access flap pockets designed to contain radios, instruments, phones, tools, and other items. Additionally, pocket slits on the rain pants provide easy and direct access to your undergarment's pockets. It's great for construction work, roadside crises, manufacturing plants, and other outdoor hobbies including hunting, biking, sailing, etc.


  • ANSI COMPLIANCE: Class E level 2 pants, and Class 3 level 2 jacket for head-to-toe visibility.
  • WATERPROOFED SEAMS: Heavy-duty stitching, reinforced with water-proofing tapes for total protection.
  • REFLECTIVE LUMINOSITY: Extremely bright, ANSI compliant reflective tapes on jacket and pants for high-performing nighttime visibility.
  • WIND & WATER DEFENSE: External shell fortified with an ultra-thin polyurethane coating to ensure tough wind and rain protection.
  • BUILT FOR PORTABILITY: Lightweight and compactable fabrics that can be tightly packed for storage and transportation.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: Achieve a personalized and comfortable fit.