Hi-Vis Safety Jacket with Heat-Transfer Reflective Tapes and Removable Hood

$43.40 USD

This high visibility safety jacket provides weather protection and enhanced visibility in cold and low-light environments. Ideal for repetitive use and strenuous work, it is made with a heavy-duty polyester fabric and is fleece-lined both in the jacket itself and the hoodie for added comfort and warmth. The jacket's hoodie is detachable, and can be removed via a zipper for added versatility. Heat-transfer, segmented reflective tapes offer 360 degrees of improved visibility in low-light and foggy environments - ensuring 24-hour protection and visibility.


ENHANCED VISIBILITY: Heat-transfer, segmented reflective tapes provide improved visibility in low-light environments.
FLEECE LINED: Jacket and hoodie are fleece-lined for warm and cozy cold protection.
DETACHABLE HOODIE: The hoodie can be removed via a zipper for added versatility.
BUILT TO LAST: Made of heavy-duty polyester fabric and heavy-duty zippers, designed to withstand wear and tear.
WEATHER PROTECTION: Waterproof PU coated outer shell for wind and water protection.
MULTIPLE POCKETS: The jacket a total of 4 pockets for holding and sheltering personal belongings.
FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Equipped with radio tabs for convenience during work.

EYE-CATCHING: Bright and eye-catching design enhances visibility in visually crowded environments.

CLASS 3 COMPLIANCE: High visibility reflective yellow jacket meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Class 3 Type R standards for personal visibility.

CLASS 1 COMPLIANCE: Reflective black jacket meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Class 1 Type O standards for personal visibility.