Glove Clip Safety Holder with Carabiner

$8.75 USD

These glove clips keep your gloves, ice traction, cooling towels, keys, hard hats, and other items close at hand. Featuring an easy-to-use design, they are easy to open and offer excellent convenience for quick and on-the-move use. These glove grabbers are equipped with a set of interlocking holders to make sure your items stay in place while you move or work. Equipped with a detachable key ring and carabiner, this is a convenient tool that offers different methods of attachment to meet your particular needs.


  • COLOR VARIETY: An assortment of colors available to suit your style and personality!
  • ONE-HANDED USE: Ergonomic design with textured sides for improved hold. Simply press the glove clip with your fingers to open its jaws, and release it to close them back together.
  • INTERLOCKING TEETH: Delivers a reliable hold that will keep your objects secure while you work and move around.
  • DURABLE: Features a durable plastic construction with a heavy-duty carabiner that will not wear with heavy usage.
  • COMPACT: Small and lightweight design that can travel with you wherever you go.
  • INTEGRATED CARABINER: Versatile, can be easily clipped onto pants, backpacks, toolbags, and more!
  • MULTI-USE: Use it to secure helmets, gloves, masks, tool bags, towels, and other tools.