Glove Clip Safety Holder

$8.75 USD

Are you looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and convenient way to keep your tools and accessories secured? Look no further! These hanging clips can be hung from your pants, tool pouches, hiking bags, and more, so that you can work confidently knowing that your valuables are safe and close at hand. Their strong gripping jaws can hold on to gloves, hats, keys, towels and other PPE that are too bulky to fit in pockets. These well-built and sturdy clips are made for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor use. Made using a material that will not rust or deteriorate when exposed to rain and other harsh weather conditions, they deliver exceptional performance and unmatched durability.


  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: A variety of colors to match your style and personality!
  • ERGONOMIC: One-handed operation with undulating side grips for easy and convenient use.
  • STRONG HOLD: Secure interlocking teeth provide a sturdy and reliable grip.
  • WEAR & WATER RESISTANT: Durable construction, made of high-quality plastic that will not wear or corrode.
  • SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT: Designed to be small and lightweight so you can take it anywhere you go.
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for construction, carpentry, roofing, warehousing, climbing, hiking, scuba diving, and much more!