Framed Safety Glasses with Side Shields for High Impact Protection

$2.25 USD

Keep your eyes protected from splashes, flying particulates, and other common threats with these high-impact protective eyeglasses. Meticulously engineered to resist the demands of the job site, they are fitted with heavy-duty impact lenses with an anti-scratch finish.  Light and comfortable to wear, they feature a sleek and bulk-free design for an attractive and trendy look.


  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Rubberized nose pads to comfortably keep your glasses in place.
  • EXTREME DURABILITY: Strong, durable, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant.
  • UV GUARD: Protect your eyes from UV radiation emitted by the sun.
  • OPTICAL CLARITY: Constructed with high-transparency polycarbonate lenses for impeccable visibility.
  • PERIPHERAL PROTECTION: Equipped with high-transparency permanent side shields for optimal protection and visual acuity.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Designed with sports styling in mind, delivering essential protection without compromising your style.
  • FOLLOWING ANSI Z87+: In compliance with national safety standards and regulations for reliable and superior protection.
  • DIVERSE USE & APPLICATIONS: Multi-use glasses that can be utilized in all types of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • LANYARD ATTACHMENT SLOTS: Pre-perforated legs for optional attachment to strings, lanyards, and safety cords.