Earplug Dispenser Station with 500 Pairs 32dB NRR Soft Foam Units

$58.25 USD
SKU: S-EPD-500

This pre-filled earplug dispenser utilizes a simple twist-knob mechanism to gradually dispense earplugs as needed. It includes 500 ANSI NSI S3 19-1974 earplugs, offering a cost-effective alternative to provide hearing protection to a large number of people. Its transparent design offers easy visibility to supply levels, helping to ensure that sufficient stock of hearing protectors is always available. Place this dispenser on a table as a standalone unit, or mount it on a wall for easy and convenient access.


  • HUMAN ENGINEERING: Specifically built to fit comfortably inside the ear canal.
  • SOFT & MOLDABLE: Earplugs expand gradually for a secure, comfortable seal.
  • IMPROVED HYGIENE: Keep your earplug supply clean and untouched.
  • VERSATILE USE: Self-standing unit that can be placed on top of a table or surface, or mounted on a wall for convenience and accessibility.
  • MONITOR PLUG LEVELS: Transparent case for easy supply level monitoring. Never run out of earplugs again!
  • DIRT-RESISTANT FOAM: Made with a smooth finished surface that repels dirt and increases cleanliness.
  • HIGH NOISE REDUCTION RATING: At SNR:36dB NRR:32dB, these earplugs do a great job at suppressing loud noises.
  • SAFETY COMPLIANCE: In accordance with the safety standards imposed by ANSI S3 19-1974 and CE SNR: 34dB.