Rescue Hard Hat with Adjustable 6 Point Suspension

$20.00 USD

This mountaineering and work-at-height helmet is made of an insulating, high-impact, and penetration-resistant ABS outer shell to protect the top of your head against impact, electrical shock, and other hazards. An upgraded shock-absorbing 6-point ratchet suspension system helps it fit more securely, keeping the head centered for balance and added comfort. Upon impact, this suspension system keeps the shell away from your head, dissipating the force of impact by spreading it over a large area. Designed for work at height, rescue, and industry professionals, as well as for any situations where helmet safety is recommended.


  • CERTIFIED ANSI: Evaluated and rated for compliance with ANSI Z89.1-14 and Type I Class C, E, G.
  • EASY CARE: Brow pad, headband and suspension can be easily released for service and maintenance.
  • PERSONALIZABLE FIT: Several adjustment features, including circumference size and vertical height, allow you to obtain a more personalized and comfortable fit.
  • ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: This hard hat's non-perforated, single-piece outer shell provides efficient 20000V electrical insulation to the top of the head.
  • ONE-HANDED SIZE MODIFICATIONS: Easily change the tightness of the hat while you are wearing it by rotating a small wheel at the back of your ratchet suspension.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING SLOTS: Noise-cancelling earmuffs and other compatible accessories can be mounted on this hat to boost its functionality.
  • MODERN: Non-bulky, sleek, and low-profile design for a more attractive appearance.
  • MOISTURE-WICKING BROW PAD: Washable comfort brow liner with moisture-wicking technology, adds comfort, provides a more secure fit, and helps to keep sweat from entering your eyes.
  • LAMP-CARRYING CLIPS: Four positioning hooks for easily mounting a headlamp with an elastic headband and keeping it securely in place.
  • INTEGRATED CHIN STRAP: Great for working at heights or during emergency rescue, it helps to keep the helmet securely in place during a fall or while actively moving.