Clear Protective Face Shield with Elastic Headband

$2.00 USD

This face shield features a full-height, wrap-around design that protects your face against splashes, sprays, dust, and other forms of flying debris. Made of high-transparency PC with a double-sided anti-fog treatment, it delivers superior optical clarity and an uninterrupted field of view. Built for superior comfort and versatility, this is a lightweight, adaptable, and ergonomically built safety accessory that conforms to your features, making it ideal for long-term wear.


  • CE EN 166 : 2001 COMPLIANT: Built to comply with the highest standards for face protection.
  • FOG-RESISTANT: Double-sided anti-fog coating for an uninterrupted, crystal clear view.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Full-Height, wrap-around design that offers 180 degrees of face protection.
  • COMFORTABLE: Soft, breathable PU padding along the headband for increased comfort during long-term wear.
  • HI-TRANSPARENCY: Wraparound, panoramic shield built with high-transparency PC for superior optical clarity and an uninterrupted field of view.
  • REUSABLE: Easy to clean, it can be sanitized and disinfected after each use.
  • ADAPTABLE: Elastic band offers a more comfortable and personalized fit.
  • VENTILATED DESIGN: Provides exceptional airflow and breathability from heat and fog buildup. A more fresh and comfortable option than other forms of facial protection.