Children’s Hi-Vis Mesh Safety Vest with 2” Reflective Strips

$2.99 USD

These reflective safety vests help to protect your children by increasing their visibility in crowded, dark, or foggy situations. During the day, their high-visibility neon fabric stands out, and at night, industrial-grade reflective strips bounce off light, creating an intense glow that can be seen from a distance. Make kids more visible to motorists, help keep students in a group, significantly reduce parental stress and worry, make public transport use safer and easier, and much more!


  • STRIKING COLOR AND APPEARANCE: Your children will stand out wherever they go! 
  • BREATHABLE, COMFORTABLE, AND FAST-DRYING: Lightweight, bulk-free protection that your children will forget they are wearing!
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO STORE: Make sure that your child is always prepared! This vest can be folded and compacted easily, fitting in any small backpack without inconveniencing or adding on extra weight.
  • EASY TO FASTEN: Child-friendly hook n' loop fastener for quick and easy wear. 
  • 360 DEGREES OF REFLECTIVE COVERAGE: Sewn-in reflective strips keep children seen in low-light environments. 
  • PRACTICAL: One internal chest pocket on left side, good for storing small toys, walkie-talkies, and other personal belongings.