Cap Style Safety Hard Hat with 4 Point Suspension

$7.15 USD

This cap-style hard hat protects the top of the head against bumps, impacts, and electrical exposure. Designed for safety and user comfort, it is built with modern materials that are strong and lightweight. Its contemporary design makes available a wide variety of adjustments and fit options, some of which may be operated without having to remove the helmet. Offering excellent head protection without compromising comfort during sustained, long-term use, this safety helmet is so comfortable that you'll forget you are wearing it!


  • BALL-CAP STYLE: Front brim provides extended protection to the eyes and face from the sun, rain, and falling objects.
  • TESTED AND MARKED: ANSI Z89.1-14 and Type I Class C, E,G.
  • SERVICEABLE: Quick-detach user-replaceable soft brow pad, suspension, and headband.
  • SIZE-ADJUSTABLE: Multiple adjustment points including vertical height adjustments, for an optimal and personalizable fit.
  • RATCHET-STYLE SUSPENSION: Allows you to modify your hat's fit with one hand, without having to remove it.
  • EARMUFF-COMPATIBLE: Universal slotted shell design for mounting noise-reducing earmuffs and other compatible accessories.
  • MODERN DESIGN: Low profile, sleek design with a short brim that allows for uninterrupted upward vision.
  • WASHABLE BROW LINER: Moisture-wicking comfort brow liner provides a snug fit and helps keep sweat out of your eyes.