Anti-Skid Gel Filled Knee Pads with Adjustable Dual Straps

$12.49 USD

These heavy-duty kneepads are designed to provide comfort and protection while you work. Featuring a layered composition, they absorb pressure and support the knee for all-day comfort. They are equipped with embossed, textured anti-slip PVC caps that provide enhanced grip and protection on harsh or rocky surfaces. Built with adjustable hinged straps for better mobility, they conform to your size and movements, delivering all-day protection that you will forget you are wearing!


  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Robust, durable build made to resist the harshest terrains. 
  • NO-SKID: Offers anti-slip protection for safe and convenient use. 
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Contoured shape for optimal fit and all-day comfort. 
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Equipped with two adjustable quick-release straps for a firm fit and proper sizing. 
  • MULTI-LAYERED PROTECTION: Equipped with a thick gel and high-density foam cushion layers for heightened comfort and impact absorption.
  • WIDE DESIGN: Built to prolong above and below the kneecap for extended protection. 
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Prevents knee strain that could pose a threat to your joint health.