Anti-Skid Foam Knee Pads with Adjustable Dual Straps

$10.99 USD

These comfortable and versatile kneepads provide comfort and protection while you work on your knees. They are constructed with a surface-friendly, anti-scratch, and anti-slip textured outer cap that provides traction and protects work surfaces. Built for all-day comfort, they are equipped with foam padding and adjustable, swiveling straps that move and pivot with you while keeping the kneepads securely in place. Ideal for hardwood, laminate, tile, sub-floor underlayment, landscaping, gardening, and more.


  • SUPREME COMFORT: Heavy-duty foam padding provides superior cushioning. 
  • NO-SCRATCH SHELL CAPS: Ideal for delicate surfaces that could scratch easily - Keep your floors protected while you work. 
  • ANTI-SLIP STABILIZERS: Soft cap provides grip and prevents slippage. 
  • SIZE-ADJUSTABLE: Two adjustable, pivoting elastic bands provide a comfortable, personalized, and adaptable fit. 
  • RUGGED BUILD: Made with heavy-duty materials to resist scratches and abrasions caused by repetitive kneeling and moving around. 
  • PROMOTES JOINT HEALTH: Use them when working on your knees for extended periods to protect your joints from pressure, strain, and impact.