Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Convertible to Goggles with Removable Foam Seal, Temples & Headband

$3.50 USD

Protect your eyes against dust, impact, splashes, UV rays, and other hazards with these high-impact safety glasses. Anti-fog, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and ergonomically designed, these glasses deliver exceptional optical clarity and prolonged comfort for all-day wear and everyday use. They feature a modern and innovative design that provides unparalleled versatility, allowing them to be converted from glasses to goggles in a matter of seconds. Simply detach the temple legs and attach the included head strap, and you have a whole new product at hand! These safety glasses meet the strict ANSI Z87+ standards to ensure maximum protection and robust performance, so you can be confident that you're receiving the best eye protection a pair of glasses can offer!


  • 3 IN 1: Versatile safety lenses that can be worn as frameless safety glasses, foam-sealed glasses, or a foam-lined elastic goggle with just a simple change of accessories.
  • CONVERTIBLE: Integrated head strap and removable temple legs allow you to easily convert your glasses into goggles.
  • ERGONOMICALLY BUILT: Lightweight construction with a wide, full-coverage design that's ultra-comfortable for extended wear.
  • HIGH-IMPACT: Strong polycarbonate lenses with a scratch-resistant special treatment for extended durability.
  • WILL NOT FOG: Anti-fog coating ensures exceptional visual acuity and prevents fog buildup.
  • UV PROTECTION: Integrated UV-blocking technology reduces the exposure of harmful rays to your eyes.
  • HIGH CLARITY: High transparency lenses offer excellent visual performance.
  • REMOVABLE FOAM SEAL: Soft and skin-friendly foam padding that eliminates pressure points, increases comfort, and delivers enhanced protection from dust, splashes, and other flying debris.
  • HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROTECTION: This quality safety eyewear meets all ANSI Z87+ standards.
  • VERSATILE USE: Ultra-clear safety lenses that can be worn indoors and outdoors.