4 Point Ratchet Suspension Replacement System for HHAT-02

$4.50 USD

Looking for a replacement suspension for your JORESTECH® Full Brim Safety Hard Hat with 4 Point Suspension (Model: S-HHAT-02)? Equipped with four shock-absorbing points, this ratchet-style suspension is designed to keep your helmet's shell away from your head and dissipate impacts. Manufacturer approved for optimal performance, it extends the life of your hard hat and keep you safe with proper equipment maintenance.


  • MANUFACTURER-APPROVED: This is an original approved replacement part for the JORESTECH® Hard Hat 02.
  • PRACTICAL: A great way to extend the shelf life of your compatible helmet.
  • SERVICEABLE PARTS: The soft forehead pad, suspension system, and headband are easily removable for washing or replacing.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Equipped with several adjustment points that allow you to customize the helmet's fit to your needs.
  • RATCHET-TYPE ADJUSTMENT: Easily adjust your helmet's fit with one hand using the small wheel on the back of the suspension. 
  • MOISTURE-WICKING COMFORT PADS: The washable pads trap sweat to keep you comfortable while you work.