4 Point Ratchet Suspension Replacement System for HHAT-01

$13.00 USD

For use with the JORESTECH® Cap Style Safety Hard Hat with 4 Point Suspension (Model: S-HHAT-01), this ratchet-style helmet suspension features four shock-absorbing points designed to keep helmet’s shell away from your head, dissipating impacts by spreading their energy over a larger surface area. Extend the life of your helmet and stay safe with proper equipment maintenance by replacing your helmet suspension when needed.


  • MANUFACTURER-APPROVED: Original approved replacement part for the JORESTECH® Hard Hat 01.
  • PRACTICAL: Extends the service life of compatible helmets. 
  • SERVICEABLE PARTS: Easily removable soft forehead pad, suspension system, and headband for washing or replacing.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Equipped with several adjustment spots to customize your helmet's fit according to your needs. 
  • RATCHET-TYPE ADJUSTMENT: A small wheel on the back of your suspension allows you to easily adjust your helmet's fit with one hand, while you are wearing it. 
  • MOISTURE-WICKING COMFORT PADS: Washable and ready to trap sweat.