4-Layer KN95 Protective Disposable Face Masks – Pack of 20

$17.65 USD

This face mask is made to protect you against airborne particles and pollutants in a comfortable and lightweight manner. It achieves an outstanding level of filtration of >95% with its multi-layered design, made up of two layers of non-woven fiber and two of a melt-blown fabric. Additionally, a gentle skin-friendly inner layer absorbs moisture from the breath for a cooling and breathable effect. This mask offers great adaptability thanks to a number of adjustable features, delivering comfortable protection for all-day wear.


  • PACK OF 20: Box includes 20 face masks.
  • INCLUDES EARLOOP EXTENDERS: Three reusable and convenient extenders, designed to let the earloops wrap gently around your head for a different wearing alternative.
  • GB 2626-2006 COMPLIANT: Tested and approved, protection that you can trust.
  • ADAPTABLE NOSE BRIDGE: Allows you to gently secure the mask around your nose for a more effective air-filtering facial seal.
  • MULTI-LAYERED DESIGN: Excellent filtration efficiency of >95% achieved through a combination of four air-filtering layers.
  • SUBMITTED TO FLAMMABILITY & WATER TESTS: Tested and approved for safety and authenticity.
  • STITCH-FREE REINFORCEMENTS: Fusing protective layers to increase durability without compromising filtration capabilities.
  • ELASTIC EARLOOPS: Rugged and durable yet soft and comfortable, for a gentle fit that comfortably and effectively holds the mask in place.
  • PORTABLE: Foldable, compact lightweight design that is easy to transport.
  • BREATHE CLEAN AIR: Filters the air before inhalation, protecting the user from impurities and contaminants in the air.
  • PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES: Works as a face cover that prevents droplets from spreading through coughing, sneezing, or speaking.