32db NRR Soft Foam Earplugs - 50 Pairs

$5.99 USD

Protect your hearing from loud and potentially hazardous noises with these noise-reducing foam earplugs. Made with slow-recovery soft foam, they expand slowly upon insertion to adjust to the ear canal, forming a gentle and customized seal that effectively reduces sound levels. Soft, comfortable, and highly reliable, these earplugs come packaged in a portable container, delivering on-the-go protection that you can trust.


  • BIOENGINEERED: Tapered bullet shape provides a comfortable fit.
  • SOFT FOAM: Soft, slow recovery foam that expands to seal the ear canal for effective hearing protection.
  • SNR:36dB NRR:32dB: High NRR provides effective protection in noisy environments.
  • CLEAN & SAFE: Smooth, dirt-resistant surface provides better hygiene.
  • PORTABLE: Conveniently packaged in a sturdy and compact carrying case.
  • SAFETY COMPLIANCE: Meets safety standards as required by ANSI S3 19-1974 and CE SNR: 34dB.