32dB NRR Soft Foam Earplugs – 10 Pairs

$1.14 USD

These noise-reducing foam earplugs will protect your hearing from harsh and potentially dangerous noises. They are made of slow-recovery soft foam that expands gently when inserted into the ear canal to provide a comfortable and tailored seal. Compliant with ANSI S3 19-1974, they effectively suppress sound levels with a noise reduction rating of 32dB. These earplugs are soft, pleasant, and dependable, and they come individually packaged to promote hygiene, portability, and convenience.


  • 10 PAIRS: Individually packaged for hygiene and practicality.
  • ERGONOMICALLY-DESIGNED: Featuring a bullet shape that provides a snug fit while gently conforming to the ear canal.
  • SLOW-RELEASE FOAM: Soft, extra-light foam seals the ear canal without pressure.
  • INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES: Keeps earplugs clean and sanitized for use.
  • SANITARY DESIGN: Carefully crafted with a non-porous, smooth outer finish to reduce dirt buildup.
  • SNR:36dB NRR:32dB: Exceptionally high noise-canceling rating, capable of protecting your ears in extremely loud environments.
  • RELIABLE HEARING PROTECTION: Compliant with ANSI S3 19-1974 & CE SNR 34dB, delivering optimal protection that you can trust.