31dB NRR Bell-Shaped Soft Foam Earplugs – 50 Pairs

$7.50 USD

Reduce noise hazards to safe levels with these ultra-comfortable, excellent-fitting earplugs. These extremely soft foam plugs are easy to roll down and insert, expanding slowly for a low-pressure fit in virtually any size ear canal. Recommended for long-term comfort, they feature an ergonomic bell-shaped form and a smaller size than most earplugs in the market. Don't be fooled by their size, however. These earplugs offer an excellent noise reduction rating of 31dB.


  • CONTOURED BELL SHAPE: Carefully molded to mimic your ear canal for a gentle and snug fit. Bell shape offers easy fitting and removal.
  • SLIM DESIGN: Specifically designed to fit most users, including women and people with smaller ear canals.
  • SOFT-TOUCH FOAM: They can be molded to gently fit into the outer ear canal.
  • DIRT-RESISTANT: Smooth surface repels dirt and improves hygiene.
  • 31dB NRR: High noise reduction rating for excellent hearing protection.
  • ON-THE-GO PROTECTION: Packed in a compact and durable case for portability and convenience.
  • ANSI & CE COMPLIANT: In accordance with ANSI S3 19-1974 and CE SNR: 34dB.