Hi-Vis Two Tone Rain Set with X Reflective Strips On Back

$39.95 USD

During severe weather, this water-resistant safety gear provides head-to-toe visibility as well as rain and wind protection. This set is made with high-visibility, bright, and reflective textiles that keep you visible at all hours of the day and in all types of weather conditions. Highway roadwork, emergency responders, construction, transit, utilities, surveys, landscaping, and more all benefit from this versatile and super reliable rain set!


  • MEETS ANSI: Achieve all-around protection and visibility with a Class 3 jacket and Class E rain pants.
  • REINFORCED JOINTS: For maximum water and wind protection, heavy-duty stitching and water-sealing tapes are used on all seams.
  • NIGHTTIME PERFORMANCE: Sewn-in 2 inch ANSI tapes can be seen from all angles, creating a bright reflection that can be seen at night from a distance.
  • WIND & WATER SHIELD: Weather protection enhanced by a thin polyurethane coating that creates a hydrophobic seal, virtually blocking wind and rain from penetrating the fabric.
  • BULKLESS STORAGE: Light and airy, this set can be tightly compacted to fit in small spaces for storing or transporting purposes.
  • BLACK-COLORED ENDS: Strategically placed on high-contact areas to help conceal dirt and stains for a clean, appealing appearance and extended durability.
  • ADAPTABLE: Equipped with a series of adjustable features for customized and form-fitting wear.