Single Leg Internal Shock-Absorbing Lanyard with Snap Hook and Scaffolding Hook

$32.00 USD
SKU: S-LY-03

This shock-absorbing lanyard is designed to prevent falls during work at height applications. It is made of strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant hi-viz webbing that enhances your visibility while remaining effective at protecting you from a fall. Its steel hooks are self-locking, can easily be operated with one hand, and come with a safety lock that keeps them closed at all times. In addition to providing exceptional protection and comfort, this device has many features that enhance its performance and functionality.


  • SELF-LOCKING HOOKS: Snap and scaffolding hooks with one-handed operation and safety lock.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made using abrasion-resistant materials for long-term use and sturdy protection.
  • SHOCK ABSORBER: Built-in shock absorber reduces the force that the body sustains during a fall arrest.
  • SAFE PRACTICES: Offers enough length for safe attachment to an anchor point or system while you work.
  • IMPACT INDICATOR: If the lanyard has been used to arrest a fall, or if the energy absorber has been deployed, its integrated indicator will make it evident and easy to discern.
  • LARGER HOOKS: Fitted with a larger scaffolding hook for connection to larger anchorages.
  • COMPLIANT WITH ANSI Z359.13-2013: Provides fall arrest equipment and work-at-height protection that is approved as adequate and recommendable.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BULK-FREE DESIGN: Internal shock absorption mechanism for improved user experience and convenient portability.
  • SINGLE-LEGGED CONSTRUCTION: Traditional fall arrest device with a streamlined and easy-to-use design.
  • HI-VIS WEBBING: Boost your visibility while working to increase your protection and make your presence known.
  • Weight: 3.46 lbs (1.57 kg)
  • User Capacity Range 130 - 310 lbs (58 - 140.61 kg)
  • Maximum Free Fall: 6 ft /1.83m
  • Average Arresting Force: 900 lbs / 408 kg
  • Maximum Deployment Distance: 48"
  • Length:6ft / 1.8m