Tool Tether Lanyard with Carabiner and Choke Cable Loop

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SKU: S-LY-07

Keep your tools secure at all times with this shock-absorbing tool tether lanyard. It features a single-action carabiner on one end and a loop with a cord lock toggle stopper on the other. This easy-to-use mechanism allows you to attach your lanyard to a workstation, belt, or any other anchor point as needed, so that you can keep your tools close at hand at all times. Equipped with a built-in stretching mechanism, it is specifically engineered to decelerate falling objects, reducing the force an anchor body sees if a drop occurs. This lanyard delivers a strong and reliable hold that prevents tools from getting lost or posing a threat to people and objects below.


  • HEAVY-DUTY WEBBING: Strong webbing with five rows of lock stitching on end to deliver exceptional durability with high tearing and abrasion resistance. 
  • PORTABILITY: Perfect for travel with a lightweight and compact design that fits in a bag with ease.
  • HI-VIZ DESIGN: Enhances your safety by using high visibility colors that will make you more noticeable to others around you. 
  • MULTIPURPOSE: A versatile tool that can be useful in many different situations. 
  • FALL PROTECTION FOR TOOLS: Prevent them from becoming falling objects that could get lost, break, or potentially harm others.
  • SINGLE-ACTION CARABINER: Heavy-duty rugged build with a self-locking mechanism for safe and convenient use.
  • BUILT-IN STRETCH MECHANISM: Gradually slows falling tools, reducing the force inflicted on your tool and the lanyard's anchoring point.
  • CHOKE CABLE: Equipped with chord lock toggle stopper for a firm hold on tools and equipment.
  • Weight: 2.35 lbs (1.06 kg)
  • User Capacity Range 130 - 310 lbs (58 - 140.61 kg)
  • Length:6ft / 1.8m