23dB NRR Noise Cancelling Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Slotted Hard Hats

$7.95 USD
SKU: S-EM-504-LM

These earmuffs feature a universal mounting attachment that fits most helmets, protecting you from loud noises while still allowing you to benefit from the protection of your hard hat. Complying with the stringent standards set by ANSI NRR:25dB, they possess powerful sound-suppressing capabilities, delivering hearing protection that you can trust. Their lightweight, low-profile design and soft earcup material provide ultimate comfort and practicality, making them an excellent choice for extended wear.


  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING ATTACHMENT: Built for compatibility with most slotted hard hats.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: Take them with you wherever duty calls!
  • DURABLE: Strong., long-lasting, heavy-duty build.
  • UNIVERSAL USE: Take them to the shooting range, construction site, carpentry studio, and much more!
  • SUPREME PROTECTION: Tested and approved, as required by ANSI NRR:25dB. CE at SNR:30dB, AUS/NZS: Class 5.
  • COMFORTABLE & FORM-FITTING: Easy earcup height adjustment offers low pressure, high precision, and a high level of comfort.
  • EXCEPTIONAL SOUND PROTECTION: Equipped with layered noise-dampening acoustic foams for unsurpassable sound suppression and a high noise reduction rating (NRR).
  • CONVENIENT: Earcups can be lifted up or tucked away over the hard hat's shell when sound levels are safe.
  • HIGH-VIS OUTER SHELL: Increases visibility and safety outdoors and in low-light areas.